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Price List - short-term rentals

Number of Persons Apartment A Apartment B Day and afternoon stay (10h-18h)
1 person200 HRK27 €200 HRK27 €
2 persons250 HRK33 €250 HRK33 €150 HRK20 €
3 persons300 HRK40 €300 HRK40 €
4 persons350 HRK47 €350 HRK47 €
5 persons400 HRK53 €400 HRK53 €
6 persons400 HRK53 €400 HRK53 €
Daily rest 10-18 h for two persons - 150 HRK (20 €).

Each apartment has a cell phone for use with the purchase of the appropriate voucher.
For regular guests a special discount.
Transportation services for guests - the price is negotiable.
By arrangement it is possible to clean the apartment every day.

Booking deposit - 30% of the stay.

For children up to 12 years discount of 50%. For children under 6 years - free.

Offer a special discount to people who escort patients in one of Zagreb's hospitals.

For stays longer than three days discount is negotiable.

The price includes VAT and tourist tax of 6 kuna.

Zagrebačka Banka d.d. Zagrebačka Banka d.d.
First name: Ivica First name: Slavica
Last name: Strujić Last name: Strujić
IBAN: HR9823600003116243110 IBAN: HR9723600003116243128